ClearTrak™ NRX Behind the Head Headset

ClearTrak NRX  is the next generation of behind-the-head industrial-grade intrinsically safe headset for high noise environments. Combining contemporary design with proven OTTO quality, the ClearTrak NRX is a comfortable, reliable headset providing clear audio and hearing protection. Intrinsically safe and ATEX-rated, ClearTrak NRX is certified for use in hazardous areas that require an headset, providing an NRR of 24db and satisfying many OSHA compliance needs.

The ClearTrak NRX is made for work. The rugged coiled cable stays out of the way, and the durable helical boom is ready for any on-the-job adventure, and replaceable if it gets too adventurous – or if it’s slammed in a truck door. Earcup-mounted push-to-talk (PTT) is easy to reach and provides tactile feedback for use with gloves. Finally, easily replaceable ear seals snap in for true comfort and longevity.


  • Snap-in easy change ear seals
  • Upgradeable ear seals
  • Rugged Coiled Cable
  • TactilePTTonearcup
  • Helicalboomforconsistent placement
  • Replaceableboomassembly
  • CompatiblewithKenwood two-pin radios


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