H3™ with SureFire® Patented EarLock Retention Rings and Noise-Reducing Filters

The lightweight, low-profile H3™ Headset is designed for high performance in tactical situations experienced by SWAT, public safety and security personnel. SureFire® patented noise-reducing earpieces feature specially designed filters to provide excellent situational awareness with outstanding hearing protection. The proprietary filter design dampens loud noises to safe levels while allowing normal speech and other non-harmful sounds to pass through and be clearly heard.

  • When necessary, the sliding switch on the SureFire® filter can be closed to shut down the situational awareness functionality to achieve an NRR rating of 21 dB.
  • The SureFire® earpieces automatically block loud impulse noise to provide maximum hearing protection of up to 40 dB NRR whether switch is open or closed.


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