NoizeBarrier® Micro Comms Kit

The NoizeBarrier® Micro Comms Kit comes in three different Surveillance kit options – the Single Ear Kit and Optional Ear Plug is ideal for police officers and security personnel, and offers discreet radio communications. Also available is the NoizeBarrier® Micro Enhanced Single Ear Comms Kit with transducer (acoustic tube not included), which provides an additional volume boost for situations requiring increased situational awareness. For a dual ear solution, the NoizeBarrier® Micro Enhanced Dual Ear Comms Kit with transducer is available. It is perfect for federal agencies and special operations where both communications and hearing protection are paramount, such as large events or public gatherings. 


  • Integrates surveillance kits or earphone kits with the NoizeBarrier Micro.
  • Single and dual-ear kits options available. 
  • Optional enhanced transducer amplifies the volume level of communications above and beyond the existing enhanced mode found on the NoizeBarrier Micro unit. Available for both single ear and dual ear comms kits and comes in beige or black.


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