SATEL’s new product family, SATEL-EASy+!

SATEL-EASy+ offers a modern solution for various long-range applications. The first model uses 400 MHz frequency band, and it has an improved LCD display to enable easy configuration and more memory. Several interfaces will be available from serial (first variant) to USB. 

  • 70 MHz tuning range (403 … 473 MHz) 
  • Selectable channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz 
  • Many options for configuration, e.g. through radio 
  • Efficient diagnostics tools and accumulation of operation statistics data 

SATEL-EASy+ will support the following software:

  • SATEL Configuration Manager (Configuration)
  • SATEL NMS PC (Configuration and monitoring)
  • SATEL SaTerm (Terminal SW for routing setup -configuration, SL commands and data tests)
  • SATEL NETCO Design (Configuration)

SATEL-EASy+ supports SATEL NMS PC and it is compatible with earlier radio modems operating in the same frequency range including SATELLINE-EASy, M3-TR4 based radios and SATELLINE-3AS NMS modems.

The benefits of network monitoring 

  • Enhanced reliability, through advance indication of anticipated faults and failures 
  • Reduced configuration and maintenance costs, through remote configuration 
  • An efficient tool for network development 

If a problem occurs, for example, in an electricity or water network, SATEL-EASy+ radios transfer this data reliably in real time, which enables locating and repairing the failure fast, thus saving money. 

Available models:   

  • YM6010 SATEL-EASy+ without display, with encryption support
  • YM6015 SATEL-EASy+ without display and encryption support
  • YM6050 SATEL-EASy+ with display, with encryption support
  • YM6055 SATEL-EASy+ with display, without encryption support

The following variants are coming next:

1W variant with USB, ETH and BT interface

  • For transmitting and receiving data and modem configuration

1W variant with 350 MHz frequency band

  • With/without LCD user interface, with function buttons and AES encryption support
  • Excellent choice for GNSS industry in Asia and utility business in Middle East

1W variant with SATEL-TR489 module

  • Three frequency bands: licensed 403 … 473 MHz, license-free 856 … 876 MHz, license-free 902 … 928 MHz
  • With AES encryption support, LCD user interface and function buttons
  • Frequencies cover all continents

35W variant SATEL-EASy Pro+

  • 403 … 473 MHz frequency band
  • IP67 classified housing
  • With AES encryption support, LCD user interface and function buttons
  • For base stations or outdoor use

Values are subject to change without a notice.


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