Soundcraft Studer Interface Card

The RN.343.VI card fi ts into a Soundcraft Studer SCore Live or D21m card expansion slot and gives access to 64 input and 64 output channels. A wordclock input is featured via the backplane
connector, while a wordclock output is available at the front panel. A rotary switch is provided for device identifi cation and selection of up to 15 programmable routing tables.

The RN.343.VI enables the respective Soundcraft Studer product to become a part of the RockNet digital audio network and enables remote control of any RockNet microphone pre-amplifi er. The card is compatible with the following Soundcraft Studer host devices: Soundcraft VI1, VI2, VI4, VI6 und Studer Vista 5, Vista 7, Vista 8 and Vista 9.


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