Puerto Rico Case Study

Puerto Rico is one of the most densely populated islands in the world, and its location is prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters. It is critical that Puerto Rico’s emergency responders are able to communicate with each other to coordinate a rapid response. EFJohnson Technologies partnered with its integrator, Codecom, to build out the largest, most comprehensive P25-compliant radio communications system on the island.

In order to achieve interoperability among the Puerto Rico agencies, EFJohnson provided an ATLAS system solution that integrates with existing disparate Multi-Net®, SmartZone®, VHF Conventional and UHF Conventional systems. The hybrid P25 system consists of trunked and conventional 800 MHz channels. The unique patented distributed architecture is flexible and scalable to expand as coverage needs change and as other agencies join the system. The distributed switchless network eliminates the use of a central controller, which means there is no single point of failure, so the system will remain resilient in times of hurricanes or other natural disasters.


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