Portuguese Cheetah

The renowned Cheetah ™ system in the industry is a Flyaway VSAT total auto-acquisition, which provides high-speed data communications for Internet, VPN connectivity, video streaming, surveillance or recognition. Cheetah ™ consists only two dispatchable cases * on airplanes!

The Cheetah ™ system comes standard in two cases Hardigg Storm ™ wheels. Each case weighs less than 34.0 kg and contains an antenna system 0.9 m elliptical, external drive with iDirect modem Built-in iConnex ™, 25W BUC / SSPA (40W option, controller / processor and switch to Ethernet. The GCS terminal control software ViewSAT ™ provides monitoring and control of through the use of a Graphical Interface of the Intuitive user interface (GUI).


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