Hybrid Network Solution for FR Communication

Digital technologies continue to change our everyday lives, and they are also shaping and improving the way first responders communicate. Better communication means more accurate and timely information, which enables a safer and more efficient response. Efficiency leads to more lives saved.

First responders around the world are relied upon every day to provide advanced first aid and assistance at the scenes of accidents, disasters, and emergencies.

However, their communications require infrastructure. Terrestrial communications networks, such as Long-Term Evolution (LTE), which rely on a fixed network of towers and radios, can become unreliable during a disaster. Physical damage to cell sites or network congestion can significantly reduce performance.


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פתרונות התקשוב והתקשורת היעילים ביותר

מעוניינים במידע נוסף? השאירו פרטים ונחזור בהקדם

פתרונות התקשוב והתקשורת היעילים ביותר

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