DMR Dispatch Station

DMR dispatch station, hereinafter referred to DIP, is a DMR conventional wired dispatch subsystem adopting c/s architecture based on unified IP platform. It supports dispatch of multiple wired agents, and provides users with comprehensive DMR command and dispatch service including voice, data, location, etc.

The dispatcher server is the control core of the DMR dispatch subsystem. The dispatcher server is connected to the DMR system, receives the call request of the mobile user, distributes the call of the user to the designated agent based on the agreed allocation principle, and receives the instructions of each dispatch station, and delivers the instructions to the DMR system.

The dispatch terminal can be an ordinary PC. Install dispatch software and microphone, and carry out the command and dispatch of the DMR regular users. There is no need of a special agent phone or dispatching telephone to get an IP-based and software-based dispatch system.


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