Digital Trunked Wide Area IP Networks

The network option leverages the power of IP to link NEXEDGE® digital trunked sites for wide area roaming and calling capabilities.

16 or 48 Site Network

Multiple trunked sites can be linkedtogether in one network across a campus, city, county, region or for interstate communications.

LAN/WAN Connectivity Scalable networks can be created over existing IT assets, private microwave, spread-spectrum links or carrier services using standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switches and routers. IPSEC VPN tunneling provides encryption and authentication for secure communications links within any IP network.

Automatic Site Roaming

Subscriber units automatically search for the best accessible sites while moving throughout a network using advanced control channel hunting algorithms and RF signal strength (RSSI) monitoring to make accurate and resource-sensitive roaming and registration decisions.


Up to 8 individual trunked networks can be linked with NEXEDGE® Bridge (KPG-157SB). Subscribers from each network can make/receive voice and data callsto/from any trunked network.


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