Digital Conventional IP Networks

16 or 48 Site Configurations

NEXEDGE® Conventional IP links up to 16 or 48 digital conventional repeaters into one system for wide area coverage or coverage fill-in extensions.

Beacon Signals

As users roam throughout the network, the subscriber units use the beacon signalsto choose the best repeater for communications.

Normal or Automatic Site Roam (per Zone)

Subscriber zones can be programmed for “Normal Channel Select,” for traditional conventional operation, and/or “Automatic Site Roam,” which allows subscribers to scan for site beacon signals to lock on to in order to make or receive network calls.

Receiver Voting

Voting systems extend the portable talk-in range of a NXR-710/810 conventional repeater by utilizing a constellation of satellite receivers linked to the repeater site. Portable signal strength data (RSSI) is sent via IP link to the repeater site which compares and selects the receiver site with the best audio quality for re-transmission.


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