Kelvin Hughes helps protect the world's coastlines by providing SharpEye™ fully coherent radars capable of detecting uncooperative low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets such as small wooden boats and RHIBs that maybe operating illegally off the coast or in an EEZ area, trafficking or providing entry into the country through remote unprotected shorelines.

The SBS (Shore Based Sensor) radar range is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) or coastal surveillance system as defined in IALA recommendation V-128.

We work with system integrators to enable the correct solution to be specified according to the end user's requirements. IALA recommends performance capabilities for a typical radar sensor application. The V-128 IALA recommendation defines the performance capability as Basic, Standard and Advanced.

Kelvin Hughes SBS-700 (non-coherent), SBS-800 and SBS-900 (both fully coherent) radar systems have been designed to align with the 'Basic', 'Standard' and 'Advanced' capability types of IALA V-128 recommendation. SharpEye™ VTS systems provide the user with the ability to detect cooperative and uncooperative targets at longer ranges, earlier and in heavy rain and high sea states.


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