914 Series Manual Tap Whip Antenna

914 Series Manual Tapped Whip Antennas are mounted on vehicles using a heavy duty base and spring. The whip should be mounted on the vehicle in positions such as those illustrated in the diagrams below. A bracket, fabricated to withstand the forces and vibration that can be expected during off-road driving, should be used to mount the antenna base and spring to the vehicle. When locating the mounting position for the antenna, the ring located above the label at the bottom of the whip should be level with the surrounding ground plane, eg. the bonnet of the vehicle or the roof of the vehicle.

Ensure that the mounting bolt on the base and spring is electrically bonded to the chassis of the vehicle via a very low resistance path, ie. clean all joints to bare metal and use braid earth straps if any non-metal joints are encountered. Use only good quality coaxial cable and water proof UHF connectors (such as those supplied by Barrett Communications). Do not use PL-259 UHF connectors.

When running the coaxial cable from the antenna to the transceiver avoid sharp corners and heat such as that generated by the manifold of the engine. After installing the antenna check the antenna SWR on each channel. Generally if the antenna has been mounted in the positions as illustrated, the SWR will be less than 1.6-1 and no adjustmentis necessary.


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