4022 Power Supply

The Barrett 4022 Power Supply with built-in charger is designed to provide regulated power to one 4050 Transceiver and one accessory. The 4022 also has provision for a battery backup system in case of mains power failure. The battery backup incorporates a true automatic no-break change over circuit with a battery charging system, which restricts the output to the maximum 13.8 V of the battery.

The Barrett 4022 is a low noise switch mode power supply available in 2 variants, one which delivers 15 V at 27 amps continuously while the other delivers 24 V at 22 amps continuously. Both support a mains input supply that can vary from 100 V AC to 240 V AC. This combined with the ability of the power supply to operate with a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) backup battery, makes the 4022 ideal for use in areas where mains voltages vary dramatically and occasionally fail altogether. It has a 10 W speaker and an internal fan which provides airflow to keep the power supply operating at a safe temperature level even during the most demanding duty cycles.

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