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    2019 Auto Tuning Antenna

    2019 Auto Tuning Antenna

    The Barrett 2019 is an automatic tuning mobile antenna, designed to interface with Barrett 2000 series transceivers.

    The Barrett 2019 antenna incorporates a wideband amplifier that is activated in receive mode to enable channel scanning. Due to its rugged RF design, the Barrett 2019 antenna can also be used with high duty cycle applications such as the Barrett 923 or 2020 fax and data system and is compatible with ALE operation.

    An optional GPS receiver can be fitted within the 2019 antenna casing and interfaces directly through the RF control cable to current production 2050 transceivers. The active tuning elements of the antenna are housed in black waterproof, highly impact resistant technical plastic moulding.

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    Manufacturer name BARRET

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