2018 Magnetic Loop Antenna

Short range HF coverage

As the 2018 predominantly radiates RF energy towards the ionosphere as a vehicle mounted NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Sky wave) antenna, it is effective in overcoming the skip zone common in whip based antenna systems providing superior operation in the range of 30 to 150 kms. For the same reason the 2018 antenna is highly effective for communication in mountainous areas.

High performance

The 2018 mobile magnetic loop HF antenna is significantly more efficient than whip type vehicle antennas, producing considerably more efficient transmission and reception. The received signal relative to a whip antenna systems improves by +10 dB to +14 dB.

Rugged construction

The 2018 Mobile magnetic loop HF antenna has been integrated in a roof rack, which allows it to be easily disguised in covert operations. The ground plane for the antenna is a heavy duty aluminium mesh floor, which is welded to the frame bars, maximising current within the radiating loop. Using a closed magnetic loop antenna design, the antenna effectively shields and isolates vehicle ignition noise thus providing greater clarity in communications.

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