Emulating the distinguished NX-3000 and NX-5000 series, the NX-1700H/1800H mobile radio supports multiple protocols – including NXDN and DMR – as well as mixed digital & FM analog operation. As it’s packed with all the features essential for making the most of these digital CAIs, it clearly qualifies as a cost-effective solution for numerous enterprise- and operationcritical applications. It’s also equipped with optimizable TX/RX audio quality, and a smart front panel that prioritizes simple convenience: operational status is clear at a glance from the white backlit LCD display and 7-color LED indicator.


• “One Radio” with Multi-protocol Support:
Designed to operate under an NXDN or DMR
digital CAI, and FM analog protocols
• Upgradable Digital/Analog mode by
software option (no firmware upgrade
• Easy visible, white backlit LCD display:
Alphanumeric, 10-digit, 13-character frame
(aliases and icons)
• 7-color LED indicator used to display
various radio status
• Renowned KENWOOD Audio Quality: 6 W
(max) loud audio and optimizable TX/RX
audio profile: Audio Equalizer, Auto Gain
Control (TX/RX) and Microphone type
• Max. 260 Channels per radio, 128 Zones
per radio, and 250 Channels per zone
• Wide band UHF 70 MHz coverage
• Various scan functions: Dual/Single Priority
scan, Multi/Single Zone scan and more
• Orange-colored Emergency button &
Customizable Emergency functions
• Lone Worker
• Remote Stun, Kill, Check
• Max/Min Volume setting
• Voice Announcement
• Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
• Display Customization
• D-sub, 15-pin connector on the rear panel
• GPS connectivity
• Horn Alert and Public Address
• Ignition Sense
• 3.5 mm audio jack for external speaker
• IP54 and MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F/G/H


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