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    תכונות מיוחדות:

    Built-in 1200/9600bps TNC.

    APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) ready.

    Connects via optional interface kit (PG-5J) to a transceiver to enable APRS.

    Provides full control of Kenwood’s TM-V71A & TM-D710A.

    Replaces TM-V71A control panel to enable all TM-D710A features.

    Packet data output/input using PC.

    NMEA-0183 GPS receiver ready.

    APRS weather station ready.

    APRS configuration possible on PC running MCP-2A Memory Control Program(requires PG-5G).

    Large full dot-matrix LCD with 2 backlight colors.

    Firmware upgrading (requires PG-5G).

    מפרט טכני:

    מתח צריכה: 10V (supplied via PG-5J)
    צריכת זרם: Less than 450mA
    טמפרטורת עבודה: -20°C ~ +60°C
    מימדים (עומק X גובה X רוחב): 155 x 70 x 38 mm
    משקל: 0.3 גרם


    TM-D710A / TM-D710E Operation Panel Firmware update information

    Main firmware update information

    Memory Control Program MCP-2A Version 3.02

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