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    Rapid Deployment VHF Multiband Dipole

    Rapid Deployment VHF Multiband Dipole

    The Rapid Deployment VHF Multiband Dipole Antenna is a tuned antenna with frequency labels to indicate lengths for each band of operation. When tuned to a band, the antenna covers the full 6.4MHz band spread, with VSWR 3:1 or better.

    For operation, each side of the antenna is unwound to the tuned length for the band required. The antenna wires are placed in notches in the winding handle, with the label visible on the antenna side of the winder, and the cross-wire joiner placed behind the notch so that the wire will not pull through.

    To ensure correct frequency tuning, the remaining (excess) wire should remain neatly bundled on the winding handle. A Velcro strip is provided for this purpose.

    Manufacturer name BARRET

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