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    CWDM Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer module (passive) for up to 18 duplex fiber connections, also recommended for interconnecting MediorNet frames. CWDM connection with LC Duplex single-mode. The 18 CWDM duplex fiber links must be connected via CWDM single-mode SFPs 1271nm; 1291nm; 1311nm; 1331nm; 1351nm; 1371nm; 1391nm; 1411nm; 1431nm; 1451nm; 1471nm; 1491nm; 1511nm; 1531nm; 1551nm; 1571nm; 1591nm; 1611nm. (SFP modules not included). SR12 housing for up to 2 modules in one SR-1 module carrier frame. All connections on the same front panel.

    Manufacturer name RIEDEL

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