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    Heavy Duty Vehicle Antenna Base

    Heavy Duty Vehicle Antenna Base

    Designed and constructed for maximum strength and durability from aluminium alloy, stainless steel and high tensile fasteners. The body is machined from a solid billet of Acetal Copolymer plastic (Delrin) and the base is fi tted with a very rugged heavy duty barrel spring. The mounting fl ange accommodates both UK/ NATO 6 or 3 hole pattern and USA 4 hole pattern.

    Techinical Spec:

    Mounting: UK/ NATO 6 or 3 hole

    Pattern and USA 4 hole.


    Power Rating: 500 watts

    Color: Matt Black overall, Base Flange.

    Diameter: 140mm

    Overall height: 250mm

    Weight: 2.23 Kilograms

    Whip Attachment: ½” Whitworth female as Standard.

    Manufacturer name קבוצת ארומיד

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