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    Air lynx

    Air lynx

    Each AIR-LYNX radio site hosts MCPTT-type application servers allowing users under its coverage (and even if the site is isolated from the rest of the world):

    • Push to Talk services, allowing multiple groups to be watched, priority management, speaker identification, group SMS, dynamic grouping calls, and more. In short: everything that the TETRA / TETRAPOL standard offers in this field
    • Point-to-point telephony services in the fleet of connected terminals with presence detection, individual SMS, priority management between PTT and telephony
    • Mobile geolocation services and sensors on a map repository (not connected to the Internet, the maps being on the local server)
    • Video streaming, video capture and recording, and a particularly useful service: sharing real-time video in the talkgroup (we call it “Push To Share”),
    • Management of the user authentication of the services by encryption https and MD5.

    These services are accessible to external application users (via APIs) as well as to smartphone users who have installed the dedicated CALM (Client Air Lynx Mobile) application.

    Manufacturer name INSOLTECH

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