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    Security and Surveillance Radar

    Security and Surveillance Radar

    A Kelvin Hughes Surveillance radar solution is the primary sensor for threat detection over land. SharpEye™ SxV ensures users have the best possible real time situational awareness. We provide fully coherent SharpEye™ radar technologies, developed specifically for on land applications capable of detecting the smallest of targets in the most challenging conditions.

    The SharpEye™ SxV family of lightweight coherent radars utilising the core SharpEye™ Technology has been designed to meet the varied requirements of security, defence and paramilitary users. A modular, scalable and unique processing architecture packages our solid state technology for a wide range of portable, deployable and fixed applications. SharpEye™ SxV offers low cost, low power consumption, lightweight, ultra-high reliability and superior performance. Doppler processing enables the detection of extremely small and slow targets in inclement weather and difficult terrain.

    Manufacturer name KELVIN HUGHES

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